Youth and Family Aikido

Why do we love samurai and superheroes?

It is not for their power and strength; villains have such things, too.
Our heroes are special for their powerful control; they learn to neutralize aggression instead of responding with more aggression.

Aikido Kids practice falling safely and getting back up. We practice using breath and posture to feel both calm and confident. We practice standing our ground, pivoting when necessary, and recognizing the intention of another person.

Our curriculum begins by recognizing and developing your child’s unique strengths. Kids who bring energy and passion to their training will earn Fire Stripe first. Kids who are more grounded and focused may earn Earth Stripe.

As students progress learning Aikido techniques, they earn colored belts to signify their Kyu Ranks. Ten Kyu ranks are earned before your first Black Belt. Students as young as 4 may earn 10th Kyu (Yellow Belt); Black Belt (Shodan) applicants must be at least 16.

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"With great power, comes great responsibility.“


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