Traditional Aikido

Traditional Aikido training is the core of our dojo.  Martial arts can only be learned by direct, person-to-person transmission, and we strive to transmit Aikido as we have learned it: with the mutual respect, compassion, and effectiveness that comes from practice.

Our practice includes mindfulness, encouraged through the etiquette of how we enter the dojo, greet your instructor, and take part in souji (keeping our training space clean).  Our curriculum teaches the basics of movement and body mechanics, and progresses to being able to respond in real time to a wide variety of attacks.

You will learn to observe your emotions and instincts, so that you can consciously respond to challenges.  Traditional Aikido training is available five days per week.

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"The purpose of Aikido is to train mind and body and to produce sincere, earnest people."

-- Morehei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

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