No Fall Aikido

Skilled Aikido practitioners often maintain a daily practice well into their 80's. Yet the way in which they practice always changes with time.

We must respect our bodies and train in a way that supports health and growth while developing effective skills.  We are committed to the vision that anyone can train and develop self-mastery through Aikido.

No-Fall classes are open to all dojo members who'd enjoy a noon training hour, are recovering from injury, or simply want to improve their ability to move with a relaxed and centered body.

These classes can support your training, even if you are enrolled in the Traditional Aikido curriculum.  For those who wish to train exclusively in No-Fall classes, you will learn effective skills from Novice to Advanced including a Silver Black Belt when you have mastered the art of taking balance without losing control.

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Goto Sensei and Donna demonstrating a Gyaku Kotegaeshi grip
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