Skilled Aikido practitioners often maintain a daily practice well into their 80's. Yet the way in which they practice always changes with time.

We must respect our bodies and train in a way that supports health and growth while developing effective skills.  We are committed to the vision that anyone can train and develop self-mastery through Aikido.

No-Fall classes are open to all dojo members who'd enjoy a noon training hour, are recovering from injury, or simply want to improve their ability to move with a relaxed and centered body.

These classes can support your training, even if you are enrolled in the Traditional Aikido curriculum.  For those who wish to train exclusively in No-Fall classes, you will learn effective skills from Novice to Advanced including a Silver Black Belt when you have mastered the art of taking balance without losing control.

Students who enroll in No Fall classes are welcome to train in Traditional Aikido classes, as their interest and physical fitness level allows.  Ukemi (falls) can be avoided through clear communication with instructors and training partners.

Goto Sensei and Donna demonstrating a Gyaku Kotegaeshi grip

“I’m not teaching you how to move your feet; I’m teaching you how to move your mind”
― Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace


No Fall Aikido Schedule

Tues and Thurs 12:00-1:00pm

This schedule may change for holidays or special events. Please contact us before planning your visit.

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