Dojo Membership

Dojo Members attend unlimited classes (up to their level of skill and fitness), and receive coaching and rank (kyu) advancement at no additional charge. The following membership options can be booked from within our dojo, after your introductory class and conversation with an instructor.

Traditional Aikido                         $105/month

Youth or No Fall Aikido                 $95/month

Family Membership (2 Members)   $180/month

Family Membership (3+ Members) $260/month


We never require long term commitments. We do, however, offer discounts for longer periods of enrollment. Please inquire within the dojo.

Introductory Packages

When you step on the mat for the first time, you have the "beginner's mind" we all strive to recreate. Your senses are heightened to take in new information, not dulled by habit and routine. You are ready to take any action, without knowing what comes next. Though crucial to learning, the beginner's mind can feel uncomfortable. We support newer students with coaching from experienced aikidoka, and introductory memberships that get you on the mat and training though that initial phase.

Drop-In Packages

Drop In Aikido allows students who are not able to commit to a regular practice to join Aikido classes on a more flexible schedule. Drop In Packages pay for individual classes and can be renewed as needed.