Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

Kids Aikido
Aikido for ages 4 and up. Aiki movement and principles are combined with games and exercises in mindfulness and collaboration. Includes Ki Games class weekly.

Youth Aikido
Aikido for ages 10 and up. Students younger than 10 may be invited to Youth classes when they can train at an intermediate level (usually, at 8th Kyu or Red Belt).

Aikido Basics
Fundamental footwork, Aiki movement, and kihon (foundation) technique. Develop a strong foundation of skills necessary for both beginning and advanced Aikido.

Develop mindfulness and the muscle memory that leads to effective responses in real time, through practice with dedicated training partners at all levels.

Develop centering, extension of ki, and timing using the jo and the bokken in both individual kata and paired practice.

Ukemi and Randori
Develop your skills at falling safely and getting back up skillfully. Ukemi means "receiving" - being focused on the forces affecting your body, and moving in alignment to emerge without harm.

Joint Protection Aikido (No Fall)
Learn effective Aikido techniques from Novice to Advanced in a specialized curriculum that avoids falls and supports body alignment, to protect yourself and others.

Advanced Aikido
Training at the Shodan (Black Belt) level and beyond. This class requires instructor approval to attend. Refine your ability to move fluidly and adapt to different situations, and develop deep knowledge of the foundations we teach our junior students.

Any student in the dojo during jiyukeiko time may use the mat for additional practice with one another. Review a technique you struggled with, free play Aikido, or prepare for your next test.

Special Topics
At least monthly, we will study a particular principle or topic related to our study of Aikido. Dojo members are encouraged to propose special topics that may include meditation, health and wellness, Aikido for special populations, or self-defense.

Fluid Movement Tune Ups
Release, align, and connect your body with instructor Donna Waks. Fluid Movement brings together movement fundamentals, 3-dimensional patterns and focused ball rolling routines. $20/class, offered monthly.

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