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Class Descriptions

Aiki-Juniors (kids ages 4 - 6+)
This class gives young students a first taste of the self-control and discipline of training, and gives more experienced kids practice being leaders while having fun.

Kids Aikido (kids ages 6 - 10+)
Aikido basics and movement principles are combined with games and exercises that develop body awareness and self control. Children have the opportunity to take on increased responsibilities in the dojo as their skills develop. 

Youth Aikido (youth ages 10 - 17+)
Young Aikido students learn best through energetic movement, and encouragement to push their own limits and take calculated risks. Youth classes cover basics through advanced techniques; teen students may earn a black belt through the youth program.

Teen Keiko (ages 13+)
Teens are capable of training alongside adults, though they often prefer a more energetic pace and an earlier class time. Teen Keiko is offered once per week as a supplement to either youth or adult classes - as with all youth classes, adult dojo members are welcome to attend.

Monthly Special Classes:
1st Saturday - Sotodeshi Practice (Teens or Adults 3rd Kyu+)
3rd Saturday - Kids and Youth Practice and Belt Demos

Aikido Basics
Fundamental footwork, Aiki movement, and kihon (foundation) technique. Develop a strong foundation of skills necessary for both beginning and advanced Aikido.

Develop mindfulness and the muscle memory that leads to effective responses in real time, through practice with dedicated training partners at all levels.

Develop centering, extension of ki, and timing using the jo and the bokken in both individual kata and paired practice.

Ukemi and Randori
Develop your skills at falling safely and getting back up skillfully.
Ukemi means "receiving" - being focused on the forces affecting
your body, and moving in alignment to emerge without harm.

No Fall Aikido
Learn effective Aikido techniques from Novice to Advanced in a specialized curriculum that avoids falls and supports body alignment, to protect yourself and others.

Fluid Movement Tune Ups (Monthly Class)
Release, align, and connect your body with instructor Donna Waks. Fluid Movement brings together movement fundamentals, 3-dimensional patterns and focused ball rolling routines. Monthly on Sundays.