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Kids Aikido Classes Build Resilience

Who do you hope your kids will grow up to be?
Instructor Laura Hackle and Aiki Kids
You work to prepare them for the future, for life in a world that does not yet exist. To succeed, they’ll need to persevere through challenges, adapt to change, and recover from misfortune. More than any skill set, they’ll need resilience.

How will your children respond…

  • when they fall or fail at something?
  • when they find an interest they want to develop?
  • when someone is aggressive or hurtful?
  • when someone looks to them for leadership?
  • when they have to stand up for their ideas?

“You can only fight the way you practice.”

Aikido Kids practice falling safely and getting back up. We practice using breath and posture to feel both calm and confident. We practice standing our ground, pivoting when necessary, and recognizing the intention of another person.

It takes thousands of hours of deliberate practice to master techniques that can counter a serious attack. Yet stories of survival and escape rarely say “he executed a perfect kotegaishi.” Instead, “she acted quickly” or “he kept calm and got help.”

How do Aikido Sarasota kids practice?

The secret of Aikido Sarasota is the community and culture in which we train. Junior students train with senior students for the benefit of all. Newer students learn from a partner who knows how to challenge them at just the right level. Experienced students learn mastery as they perform their technique for a partner who does not know what to expect. This culture trains students to seek mentors and to practice leadership at every stage of their development.

All classes begin with meiso ho (meditation) in a traditional opening ceremony that helps us set aside all that is not training. Ukemi (falling and rolling) practice conditions the body to move effectively and respond to change. Taijustu (open hand training) teaches Aikido’s unique style of merging with and using an attacker’s power. Bukiwaza (weapons) practice uses bokken (wooden sword) and jo (staff) to help students realize the power of focusing energy into deliberate action.

Can your child master Aikido?

This is the ultimate question, because it is never answered. Any black belt will tell you that black belt is just the beginning. A Master is someone who never stops learning.

Our curriculum begins by recognizing and developing your child’s unique strengths. Kids who bring energy and passion to their training will earn Fire Stripe first. Kids who are more grounded and focused on solid form will earn Earth Stripe first. In time, students develop mastery of all five core energies of the Aikido Kids curriculum.

As students progress learning Aikido techniques, they earn colored belts to signify their Kyu Ranks. Ten Kyu ranks are earned before your first black belt. Students as young as 4 may earn 10th Kyu (yellow belt); black belt applicants must be at least 16.

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