Fluid Movement Stretch

Fluid Movement Monthly Tune-Ups with Donna Waks

Have you ever initiated a movement with your pinky that sequences through your whole body in a spirilic pathway down to your big toe? You can experience this full body spiral experience in my Fluid Movement classes. It’s a way to break out of our habitual 2-dimensional patterns into a more fluid and transformative way of being!
Jason Yim 2018 Aikido Seminar

Spring Aikido Seminar with Jason Yim

Come to sunny Florida in February as we welcome Jason Yim, 5th Dan, Takemusu Aikido Association, longtime uchideshi of Morihiro Saito Sensei in Iwama. Experience his amazing knowledge of Iwama Aikido technique, deep insights and stories! All Aikidoka are welcome.
Kids Aikido snapshot

Kyu Test Event and Celebration

Join us Saturday, Feb 17th at 12:00 pm for a demonstration of Aikido skills. Colored Belts and Kyu Ranks will be awarded at a celebration following the demonstrations. Family and friends are welcome! This event is for all Aikido students: adults and children. Junior ranks will perform first, followed by more advanced students. Any student may participate as uke in a kyu rank demonstration. Your participation supports your classmates and develops your skills. To perform for your next Kyu Demonstration, you must confirm with your instructor that you have satisfied the minimum training requirements and learned the required skills.
Body Rolling

Fluid Movement Monthly Tune-Up with Donna Waks

These sessions combine intense, focused traction and release routines of ball rolling with softer 3-dimensional patterns and movement fundamental to fully connect and coordinate limbs with trunk for healthy joints and ease of movement. “It’s a perfect foundation to your workout, aikido practice, golf game and being more resilient in your life.”
Body Rolling

Fluid Movement Tune-Up with Donna Waks

Bringing together movement fundamentals, 3-dimensional patterns and focused ball rolling routines. We will address the functional connection of legs into pelvis, arms into back and extension of the spine, while focusing on participants needs These tune-ups are a perfect foundation to your Aikido practice, workouts, golf game and being more connected and resilient in your life. Release, Align and Connect your Body . . . class size limited, pre-registration recommended (202) 363-9156 more info:
Jamie Zimron Sensei at Aikido Sarasota

Women’s Aikido Workshop with Jamie Zimron Sensei

Zimron Sensei began training in 1976, established the Aikido Arts Center of San Francisco, and helped introduce Aikido into the ex-Soviet Union. She co-founded the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors and Middle East Aikido Project; serves on the Board of Aiki Extensions; and in 2016 received lifetime achievement Award of Excellence from the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation.
Jamie Zimron Sensei

Aikido Half-Day Workshop with Jamie Zimron Sensei

Train with Jamie Zimron Sensei and you will feel yourself becoming more relaxed and effective as you move with less effort. Jamie Leno Zimron, 5th Dan, will visit us as she returns from her recent trip to Israel and to Aikido Ethiopia, a dojo that Aiki Extensions helped to build.
Jamie Zinron Sensei

BLISS Core Fitness with Jamie Zimron Sensei

BLISSworks is a powerful holistic workout of easily doable core fitness exercises. The Exercises are direct, with immediate effects. They require no special equipment and can be done anywhere, at any time. BLISS exercises are easily learned, can be done by anyone to develop effective movement patterns and reduce injuries.

First Keiko 2018

Traditionally, we ring in the New Year with 100 bokken strikes. Weather permitting, let's meet at 10:00 am at Celery Fields, with bokken, picnic blankets, and snacks. This event is open to anyone at any age. The dojo will provide extra bokken and light snacks.
Laura Sensei and Kids

Parents’ Night Out / Kids Aikido Night

Ages 5 and up, no Aikido experience needed. Aikido, games, crafting, pizza, and video! Suggested Donation: $20