Fluid Movement Monthly Tune-Up with Donna Waks

Start Date: 12/08/19

using a ball to relieve pressure at the mid back

Extend Your Spine, Open Up Your Hips and Experience More 3-D Movement

Have you ever initiated a movement with your pinky that sequences through your whole body in a spirilic pathway down to your big toe? You can experience the fullness of this sequential body spiral and other 3-D patterns in my Fluid Movement classes. It’s a way to break out of our habitual 2-dimensional patterns into a more fluid and transformative way of being!

Sundays: 12/8  11:30am-1pm (Register Below)


$20 / class (free to dojo members)

Space is limited – pre-registration required.

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For more info or questions: 202-363-9156


Donna Waks is a Certified Movement Analyst, Craniosacral and Massage Therapist with over 30 years in the field of health and fitness. Through individual sessions and group classes she offers a multi-modal approach to living fully and aging gracefully.

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