279 Interstate Ct, Sarasota, FL 34240
(941) 404-5801


New Member 2 Month Package – $190 for Adults, $170 for Students & Children includes:

  • $25 registration fee
  • $25 “gi” (training outfit)
  • 2 months of training

Ongoing Member dues:

  • Child/Student monthly fee: $95/month
  • Adult monthly fee: $105/month
  • Two family member rate: $190/month
  • Three or more family member rate: $260

Pay in advance options:

  • Persons who want to pay for 6 months in full receive a 5% discount, $599 instead of $630.
  • Persons who want to pay for one year in full receive a 10% discount $1134 instead of $1260 – essentially getting a month+ free.
  • 5% and 10% discounts apply to 2- and 3-person packages as well.

Mat fee

  • $20/class
  • Visiting Students attending classes for more than 2 weeks please contact Laura Hackle

Summer/Travel Dues “Pause”

  • For members who travel or are gone for two or more months at a time.
  • Dues can be “paused” for a $50 fee ($25 to turn off; $25 to turn back on)


  • All dues will be set up as “autopay” or billed to a credit card of your choice.
  • Arrangements will be set up by Suzy Villard
  • Anyone who is in need of some assistance with the dues increase can contact scholarship. We have some scholarship money available.
  • Non-attendance does not constitute cancellation or adjustment to your dues. All cancellations of ongoing memberships must be made in writing or by email a minimum of 30 days prior to cancellation.
  • An additional $50 will be assessed for late payment, insufficient funds or declined funds at the time of debits.
  • Full payment of tuition does not guarantee rank certifications by instructors.
  • Aikido Sarasota and/or those acting under its authority reserve the right to terminate any membership at any time without prior notice. In this case there will be no refunds afforded to the terminated member for any reason. Members of Aikido Sarasota forfeit any rights to pursue any legal action against Aikido of South Florida for any reason.

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