Graffiti in a city

In This Moment, A Great Battle is Being Fought.

At stake is human dignity and sovereignty, and responsibility – to oneself and to one another. It is easy to descend into wrath, disgust, or apathy – anything to alleviate the discomfort of these events. And in doing so, you would lose ground in this battle.

The battle is not new; it is ancient. Having grown up in a time of plenty, where burning cities are not the norm, I’m afraid many of us have neglected to train for it.

I do my best to share only those thoughts that will help you in your journey, so I will sum up the current situation like this: everyone will face conflict, pain, and loss.… Learn More

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Practicing peace amidst conflict

There is another way.

Recently, I was introducing Aikido to a student who came to try out the Kids Aikido class. While practicing our basic tai no henko, he looked at me and asked, “and then do you break their arm?”

He was not joking, nor did he show any hint of malice. It’s not that he wanted to see an arm broken, it just seemed to him the logical next step in that situation.

The boy is not unusual in this. Another student trying Aikido for the first time last week, this one an adult, saw an opportunity to punch for the face during a similar exercise. Instinctually she felt the urge to strike, but did nothing to address the fact that uke had a controlling grasp on her arm.Learn More

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