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2017 Aikido Kids Summer Camp | Open Registration

Laura and Aikido Kids

Aikido Summer Camp is a great opportunity for your child or teen to learn Aikido as well as deal with conflict.

AIKIDO is a Japanese word that joins three ideas:

  • AI ‐ unite, harmonize, or join
  • KI ‐ energy, mind, or spirit
  • DO ‐ a way, or a path Aikido moves in harmony with forces around us, instead of fighting against them. Students practice a relaxed and confident approach to conflict. We work to avoid harm and to end conflict safely.

This event has ended.

Laura and Aikido Kids
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Taiko Drummers Coming to Sarasota October 22

Taiko Drummers

We've never done anything like this before, and we want you to come enjoy this free event in Sarasota. Taiko Drummers, playing a traditional percussion instrument of Japan, put on an awesome show. Best of all, their performance is an immersive experience that invites everyone to participate.

October 22nd, 2016
12Noon - 1:15PM
Traditional Aikido Sarasota
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Taiko Drummers

Tampa Taiko

Tampa Taiko is a professional drumming ensemble that has thrilled a vast array of audiences, performing at festivals, concert halls, schools, workshops, summer camps, corporate and VIP events. Tampa Taiko has developed a dynamic fusion of old and new styles of drumming, bringing the contemporary ear to an ancient martial art form.


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