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About Our Dojo

Aikido Sarasota has been teaching students of all ages since 2004! Aikido is effective for women and men; adults and children. We offer classes for adults, teens and children that are well attended by women and men. And, four of our black belt teachers are women. We support a diverse and international community, with students from various countries.

About Our Instructors

All of our instructors have been through the Fukushidoin certification course and come from various backgrounds.

Traditional Aikido Sarasota Instructors

Chief Instructor

  • Janice Bass


  • Jerry Jordan
  • Frank Elge
  • Laura Hackle
  • David Patton
  • Susie Fernandez

Assistant Instructors

  • Kimberly McClure
  • Frank Gomez

Barry Tuchfeld Sensei, Aikido SarasotaFounder

Barry Tuchfeld, (1947 – 2017) held the rank of Yondan (4th degree Black Belt) in Aikido and is a Shidoin, a Certified Aikido Instructor. He conducted seminars, was a consultant, public speaker, and publisher about how principles of Aikido apply to everyday life as well as providing self-protection skills. Barry Sensei has trained over 25 years in Aikido, including direct training with Saito Shihan in Iwama, Japan and as a long time student of Hans Goto Sensei, 7th Dan and Dennis Tatoian, 7th Dan. Sensei holds a PHD in sociology and social psychology. As a life-long educator he worked with universities, think tanks, and as a consultant to major corporations and small businesses.

What Our Members are Saying

“(Our 11 year old son) enjoyed the class last night. He actually had a smile and a feeling about him that I had not seen before. Very happy he is finding his way. Thank you for being part of this process.”

— Flavia (Mother of Student)

“My 8 year old son that has been going to Aikido Sarasota for 3 years now. Boys in general have so much energy and it is amazing how that energy is channeled in an environment where they have organized, physical activity. The training they receive is unique because the focus is not on violence or fighting but on self-defense and restoring the peace in any situation. As well as being responsible and doing the right thing. We feel privileged to have found Aikido Sarasota”

— Donna (Mother of Student)

“Great facility, and the instruction is just amazing, highly recommended!!!!”

— Gregory (Student)

“Great Dojo. Great instruction, Great People, doesn’t get too serious (we train with a light heart). My favorite place to train in Aikido.”

— Frank (Student)

Learn About Our Iwama Heritage

A quote from Sensei Tuchfeld “Take a few minutes and you will appreciate our aikido heritage even more. I did not know this the very first time I trained Aikido…..and Saito Sensei was the Instructor!!!”

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