Some call Aikido a means of conflict resolution rather than learning to dominate, even annihilate. Aikido—“the Way of Harmony”- the way of “effortless power.”



O’Sensei felt strongly that anyone can train Aikido. Any age, gender, size person, even people with some physical limitations. For most, your biggest limitation is your mind!



Aikido is a practice that effectively helps you learn to manage your own nervous system…rather than be driven by the ongoing threats and challenges of our time than can saturate you with fear.



Aikido Sarasota has been helping students of all ages since 2004! Though not a large dojo (about 34 adults and 22 children), our dojo (training place) has students from 9 countries, including 9 women in our adult group and 14 women in our children’s classes.

Barry Tuchfeld Sensei

Barry Tuchfeld Sensei holds the rank of Sandan (3rd degree Black Belt) in Aikido and conducts leadership seminars using principles from Aikido. He has trained for over 18 years in Aikido, including direct training with Saito Sensei in Iwama, Japan. He is a member of Takemusu Aikido Association and trains regularly with Hans Goto Sensei in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a Certified Aikido Instructor (Fukushidoin). He also holds a PHD in sociology and social psychology.

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Why Aikido For Your Child?

Laura and Aiki Kids

When children have opportunities to take risks in a safe, controlled environment, they will explore limits, even stretch them. These experiences support children while they make sense of their world, of themselves. Our classes teach Aikido principles through skill building techniques, exercises and games! Children’s self defense takes many forms.




Janice Bass

Frank Elge

Tony Gambino

Laura Hackle

David Patton

Susie Fernandez

Assistant Instructors

Kimberly McClure

Martin Myslivecek

What Our Students Are Saying

Mother of Student

"(Our 11 year old son) enjoyed the class last night. He actually had a smile and a feeling about him that I had not seen before. Very happy he is finding his way. Thank you for being part of this process."

Donna Dodd
Donna Dodd
Mother Of Student

"My 8 year old son that has been going to Aikido Sarasota for 3 years now. Boys in general have so much energy and it is amazing how that energy is channeled in an environment where they have organized, physical activity. The training they receive is unique because the focus is not on violence or fighting but on self-defense and restoring the peace in any situation. As well as being responsible and doing the right thing. We feel privaleged to have found Aikido Sarasota"

Gregory Chef
Gregory Chef

"Great facility, and the instruction is just amazing, highly recommended!!!!"

Seminars & Events

We’re proud to offer world renown Senseis and guests at our dojo. We try to host new seminars and events on a monthly basis. We have had some of the world’s most influential faces of Aikido come host classes at our Dojo.

Our next upcoming event is with Hans Goto, Sensei (7th Dan). Our winter seminar with Sensei will be taking place on March 4th, 5th, and 7th. Mat Space is limited… Please reserve now


Dec 18th

Seiza & Zanshin

When sitting in class (at the beginning, end, and during instruction), a student should sit in the Seiza position – this is a formal Japanese sitting posture. Some call this “sitting like a samurai” as you want to be focused and attentive.

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Dec 18th

Key Elements Underlying Aikido

The 3 forms of keiko (training) include Kihon, Yawarakai, and Ki no Nagare.

1. Kihon is rock solid, or diamond. One idea is if nage can deal with this, moving energy will make other forms even more manageable.

2. Yawarakai is flexible, like “flowing bamboo”. Not fast, but rhythmical.

3. Ki no Nagare is flowing, like water. Again, not speed but continuous without breaks.

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Dec 18th

Three Techniques That Have Everything

O-Sensei once said that a student could learn all the basics of Aikido if he practiced just three techniques: tai-no-henko, morotedori-kokyuho, and suwariwaza-kokyuho.

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